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Samson’s coaching goal is for players to play well. He earned top international recognition, both as a professional and national team player, and is well qualified to develop players at all levels.

About Samson Siasia

As a starting player, Samson contributed to the success of national and professional soccer teams for more than twelve years.

These teams attained World Ranking (as high as 5th), and Championships, such as the “African Cup”, “Afro-Asian Cup,” and “Champions de France.”

He coaches Under-12 and Under-17 boys teams in metropolitan Atlanta. These teams are fast raising, top level team, showing significant improvements in individual and team play. Highlights of their successes include comprehensive individual skills, greater personal confidence, good tactical decision-making, and improved team passing and support. With these improvements, the teams and players have attained greater game success. Reinforcement and refinement of the basic skills is consistent throughout Samson’s player development efforts. Basic skills are: receiving (stopping the ball), looking up (“taking a picture” for tactical decision-making), passing, and moving (to space or in support). Advanced skills include excellent decision-making under pressure; consistent defensive pressure, cover, and balance; one-on-one marking; 1:1 isolation and attack; passing pace for the ease of receipt by teammates; switching the field; possession play; etc.


Select players train twice a each week at team practice and eighty (80) minutes per week on their own. These players have select team games throughout the Fall and Spring. Many scrimmages and small sided games provide lots of opportunities to touch the ball, try what is learned, and gain individual confidence. These select teams seek out the appropriate competition for player development and team improvement.

Younger Players

Young player training focuses on learning to play well. Playing well consists of ever-improving basic skill development, along with expanding technical skills and tactical decision-making.

Advanced Players

Advanced players benefit from the more than ten (10) years of professional and national team experience that Samson brings to the individual and team training. This experience guides players to advanced team play and individual success.

Pro Soccer DevelopmentSM

Samson Siasia is unusually well-qualified to instruct and train players for the highest levels, national team, professional play, and world competition up to the FIFA World Cup. Their experiences and skills, individual and team, enable players to feel the challenge of national and professional team competition.

Samson is available for individual, small group, team, or camp instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below, please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

At Which Club Is Samson Coaching?

Samson currently coaches at the Stars Soccer Club in northern metropolitan Atlanta.

What ages does he coach?

Samson provides personal training for players of any age, working with ages 5 to adult. For the last two years, he coached youth teams, which are now U12 and U17. Last summer, he coached at overnight soccer camp at Future Stars Soccer Academy. He also coaches adult teams.

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