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Siaone Soccer Academysm develops elite footballers, at Youth League Level, who want to develop further and eventually play at the highest levels, the National Team or professional teams in Nigeria, Europe, or beyond. Ultimately, our goal is to build a facility and expand training programs across all age groups. In addition, we want a facility that can host teams for tournaments, tournament preparation, independent coaching, or National Team game preparation. The academy is founded by Samson Siasia, who has a fabulous record training players from the youngest to adult players. He knows what to teach as each age to attain the highest ability, He played professionally for more than ten years, played for the Nigerian National Team over eleven years, and understands the combination of skill, athletic preparation, confidence, and smart decision-making to perform well at the highest levels. He has the expertise and experience to guide the nurture and development of young players. The academy gives children chances to create a footballing career, learn from the game, and become the stars of the future.

SiaOne Soccer AcademySince 2004, Mr. Siasia serves as an assistant coach of the Super Eagles. For 2004-2005, the NFA appointed him head coach of the U20’s, the Flying Eagles, who earned great acclaim, winning the 2005 African Youth Championship, earning a point from their 0-0 draw with Brazil (2003 Champion), and securing a spot at the final match, on 2 July versus Argentina, at the latest FIFA World Youth Championship Netherlands 2005. Earlier in his coaching career, Samson coached boys teams, U10-U12, to a regional ranking and top state honors in the USA.

SiaOne Soccer Academy

SiaOne Academy training

SiaOne Soccer Academy

SiaOne, Abuja youth football academy

SiaOne football academy

Academy Teaches Skills For Life & Professional Football:

  • Strong Youth Football Development From An Internationally Recognized Coach
  • Coaching Successes With Youth Players Aged U10-U20
  • Learn From The Coach That Took Nigeria’s U20’s To The World Final
  • Talented Young Players Gain Skills, Confidence, & Recognition
  • Existing Day (Ages 15-19) & Weekend Programs (Ages 10-14)
  • Temporary Site, Pending Land Acquisition & Construction
  • Overnight Academic & Football Program For Planned, New Facility
  • Seeking Corporate Sponsorships, Individual Donations, & International Grants
  • Accepting New Players For Our Current Academy Programs
  • Currently Scouting Players 15+ For First Team
  • Plans For School Programs To Accompany Resident Players
  • Learn To Manage The Responsibilities Of International Football Careers
  • Soliciting International Assistance & Partners To Growth The Academy

Bring Your Football Passion To SiaOne Soccer Academy

Siaone soccer academy offers players an opportunity to realize their passion for football with the chance play competitively and in exciting, international tournaments.SiaOne Soccer Academy training

Players live, work, and play on hard-working youth teams that learn to play soccer very well. The Academy has a board of directors and sponsors that represent leading names, such as the Dr. Amos Adamu, VP of CAF and director of sports at the Ministry; Dr. Omar Bindir, director of science and technology at the Ministry; and special advisor, Hon. Nduka Iraboh; and Samson Siasia, CEO of SiaOne and SiaOne Soccer Academy.

Players have a chance to become stars, graduating the program as highly employable footballers, with qualifications, self-discipline, and skills. Through the pursuit of your love of football, you will discover different cultures, self-reliance for life, and build close friendships. No formal qualification is required.

SiaOne Soccer Academy first teamThe Academy provides students with the opportunity to receive quality coaching in Football and to compete in various college leagues and tournaments. In the future, we intend to offer courses of study in a range of academic and vocational courses. Students will receive regular coaching to develop individual skills and fitness in their football career and provide access to sports health, safety, and nutrition, injury advice, and rehabilitation. In addition, the Academy provides coaching programs around the country at satellite sports venues. These camps, clinics, and coaching are delivered by highly qualified and respected coaches, offering opportunities to progress to Regional Teams or National Teams.

1994: Great acclaim for player and team…

“…the Eagles left with their heads held high and a new prestige in the higher echelons of world football (soccer). Their next match pitted them against the mighty Diego Maradona’s Argentina, but reputations meant little at Foxboro Stadium in Boston. The Nigerians went for the South American’s throats and Siasia put them ahead after only eight minutes…”

2005: Great acclaim for coach and team…

“Though Argentina were deserved champions, they were made to suffer for their supper in a final against an inspired, organised and valiant Nigeria.

Additional Benefits of the Sports Academy

The Sports Academy provides students with:

  • Extended football opportunities in Abuja, Nigeria, throughout Africa, and around the World
  • Specific soccer qualifications and additional award recognition
  • Undergo the rigor of a regular coaching program
  • Competete in various college leagues and local or regional tournaments

The Sports Academy is a great opportunity to develop great skill and confidence in football while continuing with further education. Become skilled and self-disciplined on the pitch and off, as an intelligent footballer capable of making his way in the world. The Siaone Soccer Academy uncovers raw talent and also develops the skills of solid performers who play regularly. Many current players are at high-level club standard, although enthusiastic non-club players are welcome and will benefit from the opportunities provided.

  • To work under experienced coaches
  • To develop both team and individual skills
  • Player development pathway to Regional / National leagues

The Siaone Soccer Academy seeks partnership with multiple, international football clubs to provide a comprehensive program of coaching, skill development, and outreach. We want players to experience many opportunities to compete in leagues and tournaments, such as for one of the college football sides. Players from our Football Academy can expect the following:

  • Quality coaching and development delivered by F.A. qualified coaches
  • Possible progression into Nigeria’s junior or national Football Club reserve or first teams – or an equivalent standard here or abroad.
  • Coaches and players have opportunities to undertake coaching and refereeing qualifications, awards such as the First4Sport FA Coaching Level 1 certificate, and more …

E-mail and Telephone Contacts for SiaOne Soccer Academy, Abuja, Nigeria

  • Mr. Labaran, Secretary: +234 8055220680
  • Samson Siasia, Academy CEO/founder: +234 805729300


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SiaOne Soccer Academy

SiaOne Soccer Academy

SiaOne Soccer Academy

SiaOne Soccer Academy

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