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Samson's coaching goal is for players to play well. Coach Siasia proved himself well–qualified to develop players at all levels. Samson has served as head coach for youth teams from Under-10 (U10) to Under-20 (U20). He is currently a National Team assistant with the N.F.A. His U20 Nigerian squad played brilliantly throughout the 2005 World Youth Championship, earning a tie with former champions Brazil and a spot in the final versus Argentina. He is proud to serve as an assistant coach with the National Team. He hopes for future coaching and training appointments. As a player, he earned top international recognition as a player both professionally and on his national team.

Younger youth teams U-10 to U-12 earned local, state, regional, and national recognition. These youth teams have won tournaments in the southeastern USA, such as the Chevy Cup, Red Star Cup (Columbus, GA), Concorde Cup and were finalists in the State Championship, the Pararmount-Carowinds Charlotte Invitational, and the A division of the TYSA Challenge Cup. He trained one team from recreational players to top select soccer, state final in Georgia.

Below, please find contact information addressing these questions:

Attend or schedule a visit to Siaone Soccer Academy, Abuja, Nigeria
Schedule Individual Training
Attend or schedule Small Group Training Sessions (time permitting, given Mr. Siasia's schedule)
Attend or schedule Summer Camp: We are planning SiaOne camps for 2007, along with coaching at established camps
Trying out for a Team
Try-out for the National Team/dd>
Try-out for the Goalkeepers
Try-out for the Under-23 Team
E-mail Samson Siasia, if urgent telephone

Training Sessions: Private or Group

Scheduling Private Training Sessions

Please send an e-mail to Samson to arrange private practice training sessions. These may be held at various locations in metropolitan Atlanta.

Attending Small Group Training Sessions

Please contact the Academy in Abuja - or Samson to arrange group training sessions. Alternatively, arrangement can be made to hold these at your location.

Team Information, Practices, and Try-outs:

Upcoming fixtures. International competitions are listed on the Web site at

Visiting Team Practice

Team practices are held in Abuja.

Team Tryout Information for 2006-2007

Interested players or parents may directly contact Mr. Siasia.

Mr. Siasia follows applicable recruiting guideline regarding prospective players for various leagues.

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If you have suggestions, comments, or issues concerning the Web site, please send an e-mail to the "webmaster" [at] "siaone [dot] com".

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E-mail and Telephone Contacts for SiaOne Soccer Academy, Abuja, Nigeria

E-mailing Samson Siasia or Urgent Telephone Contact

Alternate e-mail for media contact or commercial questions

E-mailing the Nigerian Football Association (NFA), Abuja, Nigeria

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